Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ultimate Buster Keaton collection

Just in time for the holidays...and now available for pre-order THE ULTIMATE BUSTER KEATON COLLECTION (Blu-ray only) contains of the Kino Classics' Ultimate Edition releases in one super-sized high definition boxed set. Includes SHORT FILMS COLLECTION: 1920-1923, THE SAPHEAD (1920), OUR HOSPITALITY (1923), SHERLOCK JR./THREE AGES (1923/1924), THE NAVIGATOR (1924), SEVEN CHANCES (1925), GO WEST/BATTLING BUTLER (1925/1926), THE GENERAL (1926), COLLEGE (1927, box set exclusive until early 2013), STEAMBOAT BILL, JR. (1928) and LOST KEATON (1934-1937). On sale now, click below to pre-order

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