Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Sexiest Silent Star 2.0

The people have spoken! The results of our Sexiest Silent Star 2.0 survey are in. With write-in votes (one each) for Nils Asther, John Barrymore, Lon Chaney, Harold Lockwood, and René Navarre, Rudolph Valentino still wins handily with 57% of the vote in the male category. And once again Louise Brooks carries the female category with Clara Bow pulling a distant second. Write-ins on the female side include (with one vote each) Josephine Baker, Vilma Banky, Betty Compson (even though she was part of the survey!), Barbara La Marr, Lois Moran, and Olive Thomas. The Swedish star Mona Mårtenson got two votes! Skål, Mona!

1 comment:

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