Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Siege of Oakland

Carl Davis rehearsing with the Oakland East Bay Symphony

The preparation and build-out for Napoleon is underway!  The Paramount is no stranger to large music productions, but they have never seen a film production that requires a move-in on the scale required for Napoleon.  This morning two semi-trucks disgorged their contents through the Paramount back stage loading dock, and if you didn't know if was for Napoleon you would have guessed they were preparing for the Rolling Stones.  
Crews begin constructing the massive triple-screen
Over the next couple of days Boston Light and Sound will install temporary projection booths, lighting, sound, and the enormous triple screen that will extend wall-to-wall across the entire width of the Paramount theatre.  Today rigging professionals began erecting the framework for the massive screens, and carpenters have begun construction of the projection platforms.

The film print itself arrived this morning and the projectionist crew (projection requires a crew of three) got busy preparing the print for projection.  This unique print, the only existing copy, consists of an unprecedented seventeen reels which must be assembled and ultimately synchronized for performance across three projectors.

Elsewhere in Oakland, Carl Davis completed the second day of rehearsal with the Oakland East Bay Symphony and is exceptionally pleased with their progress.  Yesterday was devoted to the first two acts of the film, and today they made their way through the rest of the epic.  Tomorrow they will address specific areas, leading up to a full rehearsal run-through on Friday.  

Carl Davis rehearsing with the Oakland East Bay Symphony

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