Friday, March 9, 2012

NAPOLEON is only two weeks away

San Francisco Silent Film Festival's monumental presentation of
Abel Gance's 1927 masterpiece NAPOLEON is only two weeks away! Watch for major coverage of this event in and on...
NY Times
 LA Times
Wall Street Journal
SF Chronicle.
... and other major local and national media outlets. But don't wait for the press to break... IT'LL BE TOO LATE! Remember, this event will NOT be presented again in Oakland or any other American city. There are absolutely, positively
FOUR PERFORMANCES ONLY: March 24, 25, 31, April 1
Paramount Theatre, Oakland 

Tickets are going fast, so don't delay -- BUY YOURS NOW!
"A MAJOR EVENT! Don't wait for it to come to a theater near you - getting Gance's magnum opus up on a screen is a herculean task!"
- Martin Scorsese, Vanity Fair (March 2012)

"In 10 or 20 or 30 years, when this screening of Napoleon is only a memory, film lovers will ask -- were you there? 'Did you see the Napoleon  at the Paramount in 2012?'"
- Thomas Gladysz, Huffington Post

"You don't want to kick yourself afterwards for missing out on this experience!"
- Leonard Maltin, Movie Crazy
Amazing! MUBI's Adrian Curry on the many faces of NAPOLEON posters
If your friends or family are still on the fence, let our NAPOLEON FAQs do the talking!

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