Friday, July 22, 2011

Post festival coverage

The reviews are in, and by most all accounts, the thousands who attended the recently concluded 16th annual San Francisco Silent Film Festival had a great time. 

"Silent Films Soar In San Francisco" is the way Leonard Maltin put it in his recent post on IndieWire. The film historian concluded his extensive commentary with a feeling of "... joy for the celebration of silent cinema which continues to flourish, thanks to events such as this."Be sure and check out piece, which features a handful of snapshots from the event taken by Maltin. One of Kevin Brownlow addressing the crowd at the historic Castro Theater while his much younger self is shown on the screen  is remarkable.

Elsewhere, posted a summation (all the way from Mumbai?) about the event at "Rare films mark Silent Film Festival." As did Jonathan Farrell writing for Digital Journal. His article is accompanied by a slide show. And lastly but not leastly, Sean Martinfield posted an interview with composer and musician Matti Bye, who accompanied three films at the Festival including the closing film, HE Who Gets Slapped. Martinfield's piece can be found on

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  1. Colorado Public Radio covered the San Francisco Silent Film Festival: give a listen at|Film_Review_San_Francisco_Silent_Film_Festival