Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Giovanni Spinelli

There is no such thing as a silent film at the San Francisco Silent Film Festival. Each feature and short is accompanied by musicians who in many instances will be performing an original score. One of the musicians set to perform at the upcoming Festival is Giovanni Spinelli.

Spinelli will accompany Sunrise (1927) on opening night, Thursday, July 14th. Below is a short excerpt from a documentary by director Brian Dilg on the making of Spinelli's score.

Sunrise: Scoring A Classic from Brian Dilg on Vimeo.

"Rock and roll meets the 1927 silent film masterpiece Sunrise when film composer Giovanni Spinelli is commissioned by renowned archivist and director Paolo Cherchi Usai to write and perform a modern wall-to-wall rock score - with only one electric guitar." More about this acclaimed composer and musician can be found on his website at http://giovannispinelli.com/

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