Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Location Filming in Los Angeles

Three authors will be signing books at our February 12 Winter Event at the Castro Theater. Among them is Karie Bible, one of the three co-authors (along with Marc Wanamaker and Harry Medved) of an entertaining new book, Location Filming in Los Angeles (Arcadia).

Besides co-authoring a new book, Bible is also the official tour guide for Hollywood Forever Cemetery and the creator of FilmRadar.com, a website dedicated to Los Angeles repertory and revival films. She has also lectured on film at various venues including the RMS Queen Mary, and has appeared on Turner Classic Movies. Location Filming in Los Angeles is an outgrowth of her interest in film.

About the book: the city of Los Angeles has reigned for more than a century as the world capital of the film industry, a unique and ever-changing place that has been molded and recast thousands of times through the artistic visions and cinematic dreams of Hollywood's elite.

As early as 1907, filmmakers migrated west to avoid lengthy eastern winters. In Los Angeles, they discovered a  world of abundant and diverse locales blessed with a mild and sunny climate ideal for filming. Location Filming in Los Angeles provides a historic view of the diversity of locations that provided the backdrop for Hollywood's greatest films, from the silent era to the modern age. To learn more, and to peak inside the book, follow this link.

Fans of early film will be pleased at the abundant amount of material depicting the silent  era which can be found in this new book. Harold Lloyd, Charlie Chaplin, Clara Bow, Buster Keaton, Laurel & Hardy, the Keystone Cops and others all put in an appearance. Even Greta Garbo! In our opinion, Location Filming in Los Angeles is a pictorial page-turner. As its filled with many fascinating and seldom seen images. Please join us on February 12 - and you'll have the chance to meet author (and SFSFF regular attendee) Karie Bible.

Copies of  Location Filming in Los Angeles will be available at the Winter Event, courtesy of our bookselling partner, Books Inc. Bible and others will be signing books after the Chaplin short program (at approximately 2:15). 

 [ Location Filming in Los Angeles is also available online and through Indiebound. ]


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