Thursday, July 8, 2010

Music in the air

The Festival is only a week away . . . and everything seems to be falling into place.

The drums have arrived! All the percussion the Alloy Orchestra needs to perform their amazing scores for Metropolis and Man with a Movie Camera were just delivered to the Festival's San Francisco offices. And, we've heard that Matti Bye and his ensemble in Sweden, and Stephen Horne in England, are busy packing their bags in preparation for their trip across the pond. The Matti Bye Ensemble, winners of the Golden Beetle (Sweden's Oscar) are making their West Coast Premiere!

And, the Taylor family is setting the pistons for the master of the Mighty Wurlitzer, Dennis James. Few can rock the house like James. And, let's not forget the splendid Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra and the fantastic Donald Sosin. Each have been busy rehearsing for the various films which they will accompany. The complete line-up of events by musician can be found at

This summer’s event celebrates the un-silent part of the Silent Film Festival: the music that creates the complete and singular cinematic experience that you know and love – masterpieces from the silent era accompanied by world-class musicians. All of the festival musicians are fine-tuning their scores and preparing their contributions to our extraordinary new program "Variations on a Theme: Musicians on the Craft of Composing and Performing for Silent Film,"moderated by Chloe Veltman, New York Times contributor and host of KALW’s VoiceBox. This is a program that you simply cannot miss!

The 2010 Festival is soon upon us! And music is a big component of this year's event. The music is also one of the 15 best reasons to attend this year's 15th anniversary event.

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