Thursday, March 18, 2010

Edison's Frankenstein - "It's Alive!"

Today is a historic day in film history. It was 100 years ago on March 18th that the Edison Manufacturing Company of East Orange, New Jersey released the very first cinematic adaption of Frankenstein. This less than 15 minute work can rightly be considered the first horror movie, though it certainly wasn't thought of in those terms when it was first shown in 1910.

We won't wish "it" a happy birthday, of course - because as everyone knows, both motion pictures and Frankenstein monsters are made, not born. Nevertheless, here it is in all its crude and glorious wonder - the very first Frankenstein.

[Earlier on this blog, we noted the release of a new book which tells the story of this historic film. Edison's Frankenstein, by Frederick C. Wiebel, Jr., is available directly from the author, from BearManor, or through or better independent bookstores. We recommend purchasing directly from the author. A two-disc version featuring a CD-Rom of the book and DVD of the restored film is also available through TCM. We expect copies of the printed book will be available at the book table on the Castro mezzanine at this summer's San Francisco Silent Film Festival. Happy birthday Frankenstein. Oops, we meant to say "It's alive!"]


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