Friday, February 12, 2010

Restored Metropolis in Berlin today & live screening LIVE

When Metropolis opened in Germany in early 1927, it was a sensation. The Fritz Lang directed futuristic thriller was a hit not only in Lang's native land, but also around the world. The film played in San Francisco as well, later in the year, and even ran in the suburbs and in small cities and towns all over the greater Bay Area. Advertisements for the film have been spotted in newspapers in Berkeley, Oakland, Dixon, Davis, Sacramento, San Jose, etc....

For example, shown here is an advertisement for a second run screening of the film in December, 1927 at the New State Theatre in San Francicso. (Little is known about this venue, which was in the south part of the city. This advertisement was found in the Daly City newspaper, which also carried ads for theaters in Colma and Brisbane.) "Words Can't Describe It!" and "The Masterpiece That Set the World Agog" screams the ad. There was also a comedy short, a news reel, and stage attractions.

Today, in Berlin, the highly anticipated newly restored version of the films is being screened as part of the Berlin International Film Festival.This page and this page offers some additional information (in French) about the film, while this page offers a LIVESTREAM of German language coverage of the screening! Check it out.

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