Friday, February 19, 2010

Metropolis in the news

Earlier this week, the San Francisco Silent Film Festival announced it would screen the newly restored version of Metropolis (1927) which just recently premiered in Germany. The SFSFF screening will take place in July, at the Festival's annual Summer event. That screening will give Festival attendees a chance to see this seminal masterpiece in a form close to what audiences experienced more than 80 years ago when it first debuted in Berlin.

The restoration of Metropolis has made news around the world. And, there a number of interesting and worthwhile articles about the film & screening which can be found online. A search of Google News, for example, reveals nearly 30 articles from international publications including some from Germany, nearly 15 other newspaper articles published in the United States, as well as 15 blogs.

The German articles reviewing the event after the fact make for especially interesting reading. Be sure and check out the articles which appeared in Deutsche Welle and Spiegel Online. Reuters UK also reported on the event as did The Age from Melbourne, Australia and Xinhua, and English-language publication from China.

Pictured above is Fritz Lang directing Brigitte Helm in a scene from Metropolis. Image courtesy of the Deutsche Kinemathek. Be sure and visit their website for more about the film, including some German-language pages devoted to their exhibit, "The Complete METROPOLIS."

Additional information about the San Francisco Silent Film Festival presentation in July can be found here. We're all anticipating a great film and a great film experience. See you this Summer!

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