Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A call for authors

One of the longstanding traditions of the annual San Francisco Silent Film Festival is the book table and the accompanying author signings which take place throughout the event. Over the years, the Festival has held book signings for everyone from Diana Serra Carey (aka "Baby Peggy") and Sydney Chaplin to such acclaimed film historians and biographers as Arthur Lennig, David Stenn, Cari Beauchamp, and Robert S. Birchard. That tradition continues this year.

The Festival, which is celebrating it's 15th anniversary in July, would like to invite film historians or film biographers who have authored a recent book to participate in this year's Festival. It's a great showcase before thousands of people - most all of them passionate film enthusiasts. For publishers, the SFSFF is a great way to gain attention and sales for your titles, and for authors the Festival is a great opportunity to meet readers and fans. Books Inc., a local independent bookstore, will be on hand to sell books over the course of the weekend.

A handful of authors have already been booked for this Summer's event - and available slots are filling up. We think its  going to be an event that no one who loves silent film will want to miss. The 15th annual San Francisco Silent Film Festival will take place July 15 - 18 at the Castro Theater in San Francisco.

Additional information can be found at Interested individuals or their publishers should contact author coordinator Thomas Gladysz at silentfilmbuff {AT} gmail DOT com.

Pictured above is actor and author William Wellman Jr. signing copies of his acclaimed book, The Man and His Wings: William A. Wellman and the Making of the First Best Picture, at the 2007 San Francisco Silent Film Festival.

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  1. Sometime soon I hope to compile a list of all of the authors, film historians, and biographers who have attended past festivals and signed books. I will post it as a blog then.....