Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Report from Brazil

Chances are if you've attended the San Francisco Silent Film Festival in the past you have read the work of Shari Kizirian. She  is a cultural journalist living in Rio de Janeiro. Since 1998, Kizirian has also been a member of the SFSFF’s writers group and curated the festival’s 2005 presentation of the Brazilian silent film Sangue Mineiro (1930), by director Humberto Mauro.

Recently, Kizirian published an interesting article titled "Open Your Ears: The Sound of Music, Talking, and Foley at the 3rd Annual Jornada Brasileira de Cinema Silencioso." The article appears in the most recent issue of Senses of Cinema, an online film journal based in Australia.

Kizirian article is a detailed report on the 2009 Festival, and as well, it touches on various aspects of Brazilian film history most likely little known to American readers. Kizirian's article is well worth checking out - as is Senses of Cinema.

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