Saturday, December 12, 2009

When the blogosphere went silent

In case you didn’t notice, yesterday and most nearly every day this past week the blogosphere went silent --- silent film festival, that is!

Today’s San Francisco Silent Film Festival Winter Event  at the Castro Theatre has received a fair amount of coverage across the blogosphere. And not only from local media.

One prominent piece was by Andre Soares, the Los Angeles-based publisher and chief editor of the Alternative Film Guide. Soares, who also happens to be the author of a rather fine biography of Ramon Novarro (a number of copies have sold at the Festival over the years), posted some observations on his always interesting ALTFG blog. Be sure and check it out. Soares is a good writer and his site is always interesting.

SIFFBLOG, the blog of the Seattle International Film Festival, also covered the Winter Event. Our neighbors to the north devoted three entries to the films and stars of Saturday's happening!

Elsewhere around the local blogosphere, Michael Guillen wrote up the event and each of its films on The Evening Class, as did Michael Hawley on film-415. (Hawley’s piece was republished on another blog devoted to film, Twitch.) Dennis Harvey added some observations on SF360, the blog of the San Francisco Film Society. And Flavorpill and CultureMob and SFist, three other local website/blogs, also gave a shout-out to the event – as did our movie-crazy friends at Hell on Frisco Bay and The Auteurs.

Local print media – and their respective websites – reported on the Winter Event.  On Thursday, the San Francisco Chronicle ran an article on the Festival which not only detailed highlights of the daylong event, but also quoted film preservationist and SFSFF Board member Rob Byrne. And on Friday, 7 x 7 magazine ran an article on their website. The 7 x 7 piece noted that Sherlock Jr., one of four films being screened on Saturday, was hailed by local film critic Jeffrey Anderson as “the greatest film ever made.” Anderson's recommendation is recommendation enough.

The San Francisco Examiner included the Winter Event in their listings, and Justin DeFreitas wrote an article, mostly on Sherlock Jr., which appeared in the Berkeley Daily Planet.

Among other news websites covering the Winter Event were the San Francisco and Each of these web publications has given the Festival  - both its' Summer and Winter events - considerable coverage in the past.

See you at Saturday's San Francisco Silent Film Festival's Winter Event!

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  1. The Evening Class blog posted Mark Cotta Vaz's remarks on "Chang," which were delivered on Saturday, December 12th before the film was screened at the Castro Theatre as part of the San Francisco Silent Film Festival winter event. Those remarks can be found at